The Land of Farinons


'The Land of Farinons' is an educative web project that can be found at the website of the Eco Museum 'La Farinera', that is located in 'Castelló d'Empúries' (Girona). This is a game whose objective is to make children learn in an amusant way about all related to the cultivation of wheat, the elaboration of flour and some other interesting things associated to these themes and the ecosystem that surrounds the museum, in lands of the Empordà.

The objective of the game is to find all the 'Farinons', a sympathetic spirits that live in the flour, that are spreaded around the stage. While the player is finding them, he/she is learning. If the player manages to find them all, he/she will obtain a small gift.

The game has been developed in HTML5 and I have worked on it with the team of 'Cromlec Digital'. My main tasks have been the development of one of the minigames ('Word of Reaper'), the vectorial optimization of the main game's background, the creation of all favicons, some animations and other tasks.

- Main Game: The Land of Farinons

- Minigame: Word of Reaper